Builders do more than talk about it!

Preachers talk big about shifting toward the Kingdom and New Wineskins but most of them like talking much more than doing. I have found that shifters tend to fall into three categories.

1. The Blamers- Those who preach all the ills of the old system style etc. Please Louis, do not focus on the problem if you don’t have an answer. Revolution only tears down.

2. The Theorists- Those who talk up the new because they went to a conference or read a book. Not the same as doing it. If you have not built anything then do not call yourself a builder. Find builders and help out until you gain some skills. On the job training works but do not act like you are an expert when you are a novice.

3. The Reformers- Those who live in the trenches, breaking up faulty foundations to create new flexible ones. True reformers do not have the time to waste theorizing and stirring up haters. They are too busy building.

There are a million ways that leaders can mess up transition. Look for those who can manage change and expectations well. Good leaders know how to manage and mitigate fallout. Bad ones are caught triaging the bleeding.

We need practitioners who will get their hands dirty in the trenches of reformation. We need wise master builders who know their God, their metron, their sphere and their grace well.

We need team players who know how to align for Kingdom Advancement.

Time to tear down and rebuild and press through to advance.

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